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Pre-Intermediate Farsi program for Kids
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High Quality Farsi Learning Materials

We do not use the Farsi Learning materials that are produced by Ministry of Education Islamic Republic of Iran. The educational contents produced in Online Persian School are far from any gender and ethnic inequality and we have not contaminated them with different religious and political beliefs. Instead, Our attractive Farsi Language Learning Materials are designed based on Mobile Multimedia Learning principles.  

Also, our Farsi Classes immerse non-Farsi speakers, including Iranian kids living abroad, in the rich tapestry of Iranian culture. It is a heritage passed down by our forebears, and through our Online Persian School, learners explore, understand, and carry forward this cultural legacy.

Education Quality Management

We are NOT a platform connecting learners to instructors!

Online Persian School is a trusted online educational School with a mission. We have implemented an educational quality system to ensure the quality of educational processes, and improve the effectiveness of our Farsi programs continuously.

Game-Based Teaching Methods

Online Persian School’s approach is anything but traditional. Our teaching materials are crafted around engaging stories, designed to captivate learners’ interest in learning Persian for non-Farsi speakers. Accomplished Persian instructors bring language to life through interactive, online teaching methods, making every lesson a delightful experience. 

As learners experience the joy of understanding Persian, conversations with friends and family become effortless. Our Online Persian School ensures that this linguistic journey is not just a skill but a source of comfort and connection in your and your kids’ daily life as non-Farsi speakers learning Persian.

Online Farsi Speaking Course for Kids

Free Farsi Classes for the First Week

Join us as our guest during the initial week of training. The first three sessions of your child’s training program are complimentary trials and FREE. These engaging sessions incorporate humor and interactive games, aiming to assess your child’s proficiency without the stress of formal testing or evaluation. It is essential for a parent to accompany the child during these sessions, as your presence serves as a source of encouragement. Following the trial sessions, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision about enrolling your child in the course, ensuring a well-considered commitment to their educational journey.

Online Celebrations and Events for Kids

Joy transcends geographical limits. In our Online Persian school, we seize every chance to dance, sing, laugh, and play during various festivities, including Nowruz, Halloween, Yalda, Christmas, New Year, as well as the birthdays and graduation parties of our students!

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