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We offer 4 different Farsi courses including Speaking, First, Second and Third Grades Reading-writing.

About Us

Learning Farsi for the Persian kids who stay overseas is essential. However, due to many challenges such as lack of access to a high-quality Persian school and transportation problems, it is often neglected. Therefore, on one hand, the kids may face identity crisis and on the other hand they cannot communicate with their family members and relatives who speak Persian language. Furthermore, these kids do not have enough chance to learn from Persian culture and use its benefits. Online Persian School is a Farsi language learning center where provides innovative solutions to overcome the mentioned challenges. We use professional teachers, game-based teaching methods, story-based learning contents, multimedia instruction and mobile learning approach to increase students’ motivation and learning effectiveness. Therefore, it is not surprising that our students from different countries such as US, Uk, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Australia and Malaysia enjoy Farsi learning lessons and their parents are satisfied. Online Persian School offers high-quality Farsi language learning courses including Farsi listening-speaking course and Farsi reading-writing course in different levels for kids.

  • Mobile Learning, Personal Learning

  • Less than one year

  • Learning quality continuous improvement

  • Story telling, Game-based Learning

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