Farsi Education Quality Management

Quality management in Farsi education for non-Persian speakers is a core value at our Online Persian School. Our comprehensive educational system caters to children and adults residing abroad or of non-Iranian origin, ensuring the highest quality of Farsi instruction.

Our mission at Online Persian School is to create a joyful environment for children learning Farsi and leave them with positive memories. In the realm of Farsi education for adults, we aim to provide the easiest and most effective Farsi instruction to adults, enabling them to achieve their educational goals as quickly as possible. Quality management in Farsi language education at Online Persian School guarantees the excellence of instruction for children and adults.

Farsi Education Quality Assurance

At Online Persian School, the management and quality assurance of online Farsi language education for children and adults are conducted following the principles of ISO 9001 quality management. Implementing the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) on educational activities ensures a continuous improvement in the quality of Farsi instruction for non-Persian speakers. Hence, the scope of activities at this school is broad.

Online Persian School thinks outside the box, standing apart from conventional platforms. We do not serve as a facilitator introducing students to instructors. We are a source of creative content in language instruction. We take responsibility for your and your children’s learning.

Online Farsi Education Quality management

Quality of Online Farsi Education

At Online Persian School, all processes related to Farsi language education for children and adults residing abroad are in progress. Key educational processes at Online Persian School include:

Online Farsi Courses for adults

Fortunately, the establishment of a quality management system for Farsi language education at this Online Iranian School has led to the satisfaction of families and the joy of students. To view parent reviews, please visit the Reviews section on Online Persian School Facebook page. Sample videos are also uploaded to the Online Persian School YouTube channel.