About Online Persian School

Online Persian School is operating since 2018.

In 2016, we envisioned a novel idea and began researching to create a new educational system focused on teaching Persian to non-Farsi speakers.

In 2017, we implemented experimental courses and finally, we officially launched in 2018.

Our school, located in Ontario, Canada, attracts students not only from Canada but also from the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

We strive to make Farsi accessible to individuals of all ages, beliefs, and races. Whether for Iranian children living away from their homeland or non-Iranian adults seeking to learn Farsi, our goal is to ensure that everyone interested in the Persian language benefits from our education.

In our pursuit, our educational resources are devoid of religious orientations, and we also refrain from aligning them with specific political ideologies. In fact, we aim to provide our students with a serene learning environment, free from the constraints of national, gender, and religious biases presented in the current education system in Iran.

Our mission extends to promoting Iranian language and culture worldwide, detached from Iran’s political and religious influences. Through innovative teaching methods, we offer a fresh opportunity for learning Farsi.

Challenges in Teaching Persian to Iranian Children Residing Overseas

Our school administrators, who have personally raised their children outside Iran, have lived through the difficulties of instructing Persian to Iranian children growing up beyond Iran’s borders.

Therefore, their common concern revolves around the most critical questions and issues that parents face when it comes to educating their beloved children:

  1. Educational Resources in Farsi: Does the chosen educational center use Farsi textbooks and resources aligned with the life style and interests of today’s children? Are they adopting modern perspectives in designing the Farsi curriculum, or are they sticking to the Islamic Republic of Iran educational materials?
  2. Professional Instructors: Are Farsi instructors professional, and do they have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach Farsi effectively? Do their teaching methods captivate the attention of the younger generation?
  3. Accessibility: Is access to Farsi classes easy? What are the direct and indirect costs, such as commuting, time loss, etc.?
  4. Duration of Courses: How long is the duration of Farsi courses? Since the length of courses may pose challenges in maintaining children’s motivation to learn Farsi.
  5. Class Structure: Are Farsi classes private or group-based? Do classmates share similar ages, educational backgrounds, and cultural values?
  6. Quality Assurance: Is there a system in place to manage the quality of Farsi education? How is the quality of teaching and learning ensured?

Benefits and Features of Online Persian School

Introducing a new opportunity for learning Persian language, Online Persian School offers solutions to overcome these challenges.

These factors set us apart:

Engaging Farsi Learning Resources

At Online Persian School, we steer clear of IRI textbooks, recognizing their limitations in aligning with the real-life experiences of children living abroad. Our Farsi learning materials are meticulously designed to focus directly on teaching speaking, reading, and writing skills. Additionally, we emphasize global values such as peace, friendship, environmental protection, and Iranian cultural elements like Persian events and Persian music.

Quality Management System

We operate not as a marketing platform but as a comprehensive education system, managing every aspect from the design and production of educational resources to the supervision of teaching and learning quality. For more information, refer to our Quality Management page.

You can also explore parent feedback on entrusting their children’s Farsi education to our professional instructors.

Easy and Flexible Learning

Your child can seamlessly attend classes from anywhere in the world, hassle-free. The online nature of our school eliminates concerns about time and travel expenses. Our mobile learning approach ensures that Farsi is learned with high quality using mobile devices, providing flexibility for children to learn at their convenience, wherever they are.

Limited Classes, Maximum Results: a year-long journey

Our Farsi language courses for children, typically last for about a year. Depending on the child’s interest and learning conditions, completion may happen sooner. Our online school limits each class to a maximum of three students, and this only occurs when the teacher and the school’s quality manager recognize the differences and similarities among these classmates as a valuable tool to enhance the educational effectiveness of each student.

Free Trial Classes

To ensure your satisfaction with the quality of our education, we offer free trial classes for the first week. These trial sessions, attended by the child and one or both parents, provide an insight into our teaching methodology. After confirming your satisfaction, you can proceed with the enrollment process by filling out the online registration form.

Online Persian School is owned by Letech Solutions Inc; its HQ is located in London, ON, Canada. Tel: 519-614-7270