Persian Learning Books and Resources

Welcome to Online Persian School, where education and mobile learning specialists collaborate to create cutting-edge Persian Learning books and  Resources for Non-Farsi Speakers.

Our digital content, free from political, religious, ethnic, and gender biases, is thoughtfully designed for today’s generation. These resources, featuring teaching tools for Persian instructors and engaging practice materials for students, ensure a holistic and inclusive learning experience.

Here is a sample of our Persian alphabet learning videos for children, crafted and produced by Online Persian School, tailored for Farsi-English bilingual children. Our educators utilize these videos as effective teaching tools.

Challenges in Existing Farsi Learning Books and Resources

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognized the challenges present in existing Farsi teaching books in Iran. Many incorporate specific religious and political perspectives into children’s education, making them unsuitable for Farsi-English bilingual kids living abroad. Our commitment is to address the unique educational requirements of this group.

While we commend the efforts of educators and researchers worldwide, we advocate for more practical, engaging, and contemporary educational resources, specifically tailored for the new generation, including Farsi-English bilingual kids. Teaching Farsi to children requires a distinct approach compared to teaching adults, focusing on game-oriented methods and meeting individual needs.

Farsi language learning books for kids

Persian Learning Books and Resources for Non-Farsi Speakers

At Online Persian School, we offer a dynamic, learner-centric, joyful, and creative process of teaching and learning Farsi, making it an ideal choice for Farsi-English bilingual kids. Our educational approach ensures technology serves learning, and our content team designs multimedia Farsi teaching resources based on various learning theories, including Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory, the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, and the ARCS motivational theory.

Farsi Level 1

Digital Persian Learning Books and Resources for Non-Farsi Speakers

Digital Persian learning books and resources should be:

  • Visually appealing
  • Engaging audio
  • Cheerful and energetic content
  • Story-centered approach
  • Creativity
  • Grounded in learning theories and instructional design principles
  • Human-centered, free from religious, ethnic, and gender stereotypes
  • Adaptable to students’ real-life environments, especially those of Farsi-English bilingual kids
  • Promotes universal values like friendship and environmental conservation
  • Supports Iranian arts
  • Focuses on Iran and Iranian culture
  • Mobile-friendly
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