Dr. Ataollah Zarei

Dr. Ataollah Zarei, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, a Master’s degree in Education, and a PhD in Engineering Education, is one of the two main founders of the Online Persian School and currently manages the institution. He has an impressive background in teaching and research at universities in Iran and abroad, with several publications in ISI journals on topics such as engineering education, educational technology, and mobile learning. Dr. Zarei has also served as a reviewer for several ISI-indexed journals. His other areas of expertise include quality management based on ISO standards and internet network management.

Ataollah Zarei

Dr. Zarei founded his first company in the field of e-learning in 2003, forming various teams to provide online education for high school basic subjects including mathematics, biology, and chemistry. His experience extends to system analysis, software development, and designing Learning Management Systems (LMS). Leveraging his knowledge and expertise in Mobile Learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, he has engaged in game-based learning in 2D, 3D, and virtual environments. Dr. Zarei’s passion for education led him to pursue innovative educational research and instructional design, culminating in the founding of the Online Persian School in 2018 with the help of Ms. Shohreh Sharifi, to provide specialized and creative Persian language education for children living abroad.

Mrs. Shohreh Sharifi

Ms. Shohreh Sharifi, one of Iran’s most innovative teachers and the other founder of the Online Persian School, has previously been recognized as the top national teacher in Iran. She specializes in designing and implementing game-based teaching methods for children at the school. As a creative and skilled teacher, Ms. Sharifi has successfully integrated modern teaching methods into the online classes of the school, providing a better learning experience for students. She has conducted educational workshops for teachers in Iran and served as a evaluator in teaching method contests among teachers. Her expertise lies in science education, Persian language instruction, and educational technology. The positive impact of her specialization on student growth is well reflected in the reviews on the Online Persian School’s Facebook page, and She plays a crucial role in the success of the Online Persian School.

Shohreh Sharifi