Online Farsi Courses for Adults

Explore our comprehensive Farsi Courses for Adults, designed specifically for non-Farsi speaking individuals. At Online Persian School, we go beyond children’s education, recognizing the unique needs of adult learners. Our courses, developed by an expert team and taught by experienced instructors, provide a needs-based and engaging approach to Farsi language learning.

Here you can discover three Specialized Farsi Courses for Adults:

Online Farsi Courses for adults

1. Online Farsi Speaking Course for Adults

Embark on an interactive Farsi speaking journey with our friendly and practical Farsi Speaking lessons for adults. Expert instructors guide you through various stages of Farsi language learning, tailoring the number and length of sessions to your preferences. Join our online Persian school for three one-hour sessions per week, with the first session absolutely free.

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Farsi for Adults

2. Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Adults

Designed for those with basic Farsi speaking abilities, our Basic Farsi Lessons for adults enhance your reading and writing skills while reinforcing spoken Farsi. We customize the number and length of sessions to suit your schedule. You can participate in three one-hour sessions per week, with the initial session serving as a free assessment.

online Farsi language basic course

3. Intermediate Course for Adults

Advanced Farsi for adults

Elevate your Farsi skills with this Intermediate course tailored for adults with speaking, reading, and writing proficiency. Our instructors use a friendly approach to cover daily texts, writing improvement, and effective Farsi grammar. Dive into Persian poetry with detailed explanations. Commit to a minimum of two one-hour sessions per week, with the first session serving as a free assessment.

Adult Farsi Learners Testimonials

I wasn’t sure I could learn a new language at 40 years-old, but in a few months with the Online Persian School I’m speaking, understanding, and even reading Farsi better than I thought possible. The teachers are kind, patient, and fun to spend time with, and the lessons are always well-planned and effective. My seven year-old daughter has been taking classes with Online Persian School for almost two years, and her progress has been amazing to watch. She can now have full conversations with my in-laws, who are native Farsi speakers, and she can read and write quite well. I didn’t want to be left out of the Farsi conversations, so I started my classes last summer. I had struggled to learn before. I’d tried playing Pimsleur CDs in the car, Rosetta Stone, and a couple of apps on my phone. What makes Online Persian School so special, and so effective, is that they tailor your lessons to your specific goals. Everything I’d tried before was structured around either travel or work—but those don’t really apply to me. Mr. Zarei made sure I was learning the vocabulary I needed to communicate with my family in our house or my in-laws when they visit, and that has made a huge difference. I can’t recommend this program enough!
I highly recommend it.. it’s very creative and learning Persian is so easy and fun!! I will continue with classes until I master it.. thank you so much for helping me!

Explore Other Online Farsi Courses

Discover a comprehensive range of online Farsi courses at the Online Persian School, including Farsi Speaking Course for Kids, Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids, Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids and Upper-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids. Our courses are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique learning needs of both children and adults.

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