Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids (Farsi Level 1)

Embark on an enriching linguistic journey with our Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids online classes. This course is designed for children who are either unfamiliar with Farsi reading and writing. Also, it is suitable for the kids who possess limited skills at the basic Farsi. Our program distinguishes itself with innovative teaching materials, setting it apart from traditional Iranian educational systems. At the Online Persian School, our Pre-Intermediate Farsi course (Farsi Level 1) ensures that students surpass the reading and writing proficiency of their peers who have completed the first grade in Iran.

Prioritize your child’s Farsi speaking skills by enrolling in our Farsi Speaking Course for Kids before starting our Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids.

Farsi Pre-intermediate course for kids

Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for kids Learning Objectives

By the end of Farsi Level 1 Course, your little kid will be able to:

  • Mastery of reading and writing all Farsi alphabet letters.
  • Competence in reading and writing simple Farsi words and sentences.
  • Proficiency in engaging in Farsi conversations at a moderate level.
  • The ability to summarize stories effectively.
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Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course details (Farsi Level 1 for kids)

Our weekly schedule for this course includes three 27-minutes online sessions. The maximum number of students in each online class is limited to three. The duration of the course, equivalent to two semesters or one year. The course duration depends on factors such as the student’s starting proficiency level and their exposure to the Persian language within the family environment. With a focus on Pre-Intermediate Farsi lessons, our program is tailored to meet the linguistic needs of young learners, ensuring a comprehensive language education.

Educational Resources for Pre-Intermediate Farsi classes for kids

The Farsi Learning  Materials we utilize for teaching in Pre-Intermediate Farsi classes are digital and have been authored and produced by our content team, following the principles of multimedia education for mobile devices. Therefore, the Persian language educational resources at Online Persian school cater specifically to Pre-Intermediate Farsi classes and are unique and exclusive.

Importantly, our course content is independent of Farsi teaching materials used in the Islamic Republic of Iran for children.

Pre-Intermediate Farsi classes for kids: Teaching Methods

Our teaching approach for online Persian instruction to children is game-centered, aiming to instill the highest motivation and joy in students. The intention is for them to enjoy learning Persian, creating pleasant memories. Techniques such as storytelling and role-playing will be employed to align with learner characteristics.

Quality Management in Online Persian School

Continuous improvement in teaching quality is our priority. The initial week serves as a free trial to ensure your child enjoys the class, and you are satisfied with the content and teaching methods. Furthermore, no deposit is required and the class fees are paid monthly. You have the flexibility to pause the course at any time and for any reason. Educational and technical support (to the best of our ability) is also an integral part of our education quality management system.

To learn more about the quality management system at the Online Persian School please click here.

Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course Certificate for kids

Upon successful completion of the Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course for Kids (Farsi level 1), students will receive a certificate in both Farsi and English.

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Farsi Level 1 course Certificate
Pre-Intermediate Farsi Course Certificate

Monthly Tuition Fee

The monthly tuition fee for this course is $300 CAD, excluding the first free week of instruction. There is no deposit or hidden fees.

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