Free Farsi Lessons, Latest Discounts, and Family pack

Embark on an exciting journey with our promotion for free Farsi Lessons, providing a week of complimentary Persian language sessions for children. These three trial classes aim to introduce you and your little ones to our engaging teaching methods. Immerse yourself in multimedia content crafted to enhance Persian speaking, reading, and writing skills within the dynamic environment of our online school.

In the initial session, our experienced educators will conduct an indirect assessment of your child’s familiarity with the Persian language. Following this, a personalized program will be tailored to meet your child’s unique needs, ensuring an enhanced learning experience in the subsequent two trial sessions.

Active participation of a parent during these free trial sessions is crucial. Not only will you provide emotional support to your child, but you will also gain insights into the creative content and presentation styles of our online Persian school. This firsthand experience will help you make an informed decision about continuing the registration and progressing through the course.

For more details, visit our registration page, input your child’s information, and we’ll promptly get in touch to conduct initial assessments and schedule the three free instructional sessions.

Free Farsi Lessons

Exclusive Discounts for Enrolling Siblings in Persian Language Classes

Unlock substantial savings with our exclusive promotion for families enrolling two children simultaneously in our Persian language classes.

50% Discount for the Second Child at the same class: This offer applies when both students share similar Persian language proficiency and vocabulary, ensuring a cohesive learning experience in the same class. Additionally, their learning pace should be nearly identical to be placed together. Furthermore, their age difference should be minimal to maintain uniform teaching methods.

5% Discount for the Second Child: In cases where there is a noticeable difference in Persian proficiency among siblings or a significant age gap, separate class formations may be necessary, resulting in a 5% discount to accommodate these unique circumstances.

  • Please note: These discounts are not applicable to families who have previously utilized similar discounts or other special occasion offers.
50% Discount

Exclusive Persian Language Course Discounts - Limited Time Offer!

Enjoy a 10% reduction on monthly tuition fees throughout the duration of your the course you are enrolling.

Discounted Courses:

  • Farsi level 1 for kids (pre-intermediate)
  • Farsi courses for adults


  • Please note that this discount cannot be combined with other offers and is applicable to new enrollments only.

Expiration Date: June 30, 2024

10% Discount Online Persian School courses

Celebrate Nowruz with Persian Language courses Discounts

Celebrate Nowruz with a 30% discount on the first month’s tuition fee for the course you are enrolling. This offer is applicable to:

  • Speaking for kids
  • Farsi level 1 for kids (pre-intermediate)
  • Farsi level 2 for kids (intermediate)
  • Farsi Level 3 for kids (advanced)
  • Farsi for Adults (Basic and Advanced)


  • Please note that this discount cannot be combined with other offers and is applicable to new enrollments only.

Expiration Date: April 10, 2024

Chaarshanbeh Soori

Do not miss out on these incredible offers. Enroll today and experience the joy of learning Persian in a vibrant online community!

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