Iranian Festivals and Celebrations for kids

Explore the Iranian festivals within our online celebrations hosted by the Online Persian School, where we are dedicated to providing equal educational and motivational opportunities for children of all colors, ethnicities, and races. 

The joy knows no geographical bounds. The enchantment of a Halloween night rivals the magic of Yalda Night for our children, and the decorations of a Christmas tree are as captivating as the colorful spread of a Haft-Seen table. Our online celebrations, while offering a warm and memorable experience, also incorporate innovative educational approaches to enhance children’s Persian language speaking skills. 

Iranian Online Celebrations

1. Yalda Night Festivals for Iranian Children at Online Persian School

In every winter, we embrace the imaginative hands of our little creatives from various parts of the world. We talk, laugh, play instruments, and, in the warmth of Yalda Night, become a source of joy for each other, showcasing the global unity of our beloved children.

2. Global Connections: A Virtual Halloween Celebration for Iranian Kids

In 2020, amidst the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual online Halloween celebration for children took on an even more special role. This heartwarming tradition, usually filled with creative joy, became an essential source of positivity and connection during a year that demanded it most. Understanding the diverse presence of students from Online Persian School across different countries and continents, we arranged the event at two separate times for two wonderful groups of students. This adaptability and inclusiveness not only kept our cherished tradition alive but also highlighted the extra need for uplifting moments and togetherness in 2020. The celebration, more than ever, became a comforting constant in a year filled with unique challenges.

Halloween in Online Persian School
Halloween in Online Persian School 2023
Online Persian School Halloween Party 2020
Online Persian School Halloween Party 2020
Online Persian School Halloween Celebration 2020
Online Persian School Halloween Celebration 2020

3. Persian Alphabet Party

   Beyond festive occasions, we also celebrate significant milestones. Our online Farsi achievement ceremonies are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our young learners. We take great pride in applauding their accomplishments. 

Persian Alphabet Celebration

4. Global Virtual Birthdays: Connecting and Celebrating Together

Birthdays are special, and even in the virtual realm, we ensure to celebrate them with enthusiasm. Our students experience the warmth of a collective celebration, connecting with peers from different parts of the world. We strive to create memorable and culturally rich birthday experiences for our young ones. To watch more videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Relive the joy and creativity of these online celebrations and consider joining our Online Persian School community for more heartwarming experiences. Remember, Iranian festivals within our online celebrations are more than just events; they are opportunities to connect, share, and celebrate our cultural heritage across borders and time zones. 

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